”Tarsiers Can Turn Their Heads 180 Degrees” and Other Fun Facts about Philippine Tarsiers

The Philippine tarsier is one of the most unique and peculiar animals on the planet. I have seen this creature several times and it is really very cute and adorable. It is very small that I wish to have one hang on my bag’s zipper or with my keys. LOL! On a serious note, the tarsier deserves some respect and attention as it is under endangered status already. Well, here are some facts about the Philippine tarsier that you may not know:

  • Measuring only 85 to 160 millimeters (3.35 to 6.30 in) in height, the Philippine tarsier is one of the smallest primates. It is about the size of a human fist and will fit very comfortably in the human hand.
  • The tarsier’s eyes are fixed in its skull, meaning it can be turned in their sockets. So if it wants to see what’s beside and behind it, it has to turn its entire head. This is a special adaptation for its neck which allows its round head to be rotated 180 degrees.
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