Amazing Underwater Parks

The world is simply amazing. From up above the grounds and below the water surface are sights worth beholding. Nature has countless awe-inspiring creations; man also has creations which defy his own ingenuity and capability. And what will we get if nature’s and man’s creations combine? Only one thing – magnificence!

There are several beautiful waterparks from all around the world. Many of these are marine sanctuaries, diving sites, and gigantic oceanariums. But some are truly unique from the others. Here are three of the best and most amazing underwater parks in the world.

Edmonds Underwater Park

Edmonds Underwater Park (EUP) is a local classic scuba diving site in the northern Seattle (Washington, United States) suburb of Edmonds immediately north of the Edmonds Washington State Ferry terminal. EUP is relatively shallow with a maximum depth of about 45 feet. There is a grid network of anchored ropes that lead to a variety of submerged features.

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