Ten Killer Diseases of Women

Like men, women are also continuously exposed to threats to their health. These threats are mostly related to her diet and working environment. Many of these threats are what we call as silent killers as they attack women’s health in a very discrete and slow way. In most cases, it takes long medication to finally be free from these diseases.

So what are the most threatening diseases to women? What are the causes and ways to fight them? Here are the ten most common but dangerous diseases of women. 

Heart diseases. Contrary to common beliefs, heart disease is not only men’s thing. It kills more people around the world than other diseases. Over the years, there is increasing number of women who died of this disease. Women above 50 are the most prone to these diseases. Accordingly, 27.2% of women’s death is caused by heart diseases.

Smoking (or exposure to secondhand smoke from tobacco and nicotine-based products), too much drinking and unhealthy diet are the main causes of heart diseases. In order to prevent or fight this disease, it is advised to include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, high-fiber food and lean source of meat in the diet. Foods high in saturated fats and sodium shall also be limited, if not avoided. Women should also engage in physical activities in their daily routines, say aerobic exercises, and find ways to effectively manage everyday stress.

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