How to Organize Desktop Icons and Files: Using Fences

I have previously presented the basic way of organizing your files and desktop icons (see How to Organize Desktop Icons and Files: Creating Folders and Subfolders). Another way of doing this is using the software program Fences. This is a freeware and anyone can easily find this on Google search engine and then download it for free. As for me, I found this program at FileHippo which is one of my favorite sites in the Internet since I can easily download freeware and trial versions in this site (see Free Downloads at FileHippo).

Fences is a great program for those having problems with their desktop environment. It is an add-on to your desktop and its functionality is very indispensable. So what does Fences do? How can you organize your desktop using this program? What are its unique features?

Groups similar icons, folders and files. As its name suggests, you can assemble files found on your desktop according to some categories and place “borders” around the perimeter (just like real fences). You can arrange files within the shaded region. You can also name these areas, say “Job Files,” “Protection Program,” and others as you wish. There are default names but you can change them. Here are the fences found on my desktop.

Customize fences. Unlike ordinary fences, you can “restyle” or configure your fences.  You can change the layout and appearance (color, transparency, tint, others) of fences. You can resize and move them anywhere in your desktop. You can also fill in as many icons and files as you want inside the fences. Each shaded area has a scroll bar so you can right away access files.

Quick hide. I think this is the best feature of Fences. When your desktop is overcrowded with icons and files, the beauty of your wallpaper is very hard to appreciate. With Fences, you can easily see your wallpaper again. Just by double-clicking on a blank space on your desktop, all your fences and icons will immediately disappear. Double-clicking again will return back the icons. In an eye’s blink, you can make all icons appear and reappear in your desktop. Very cool, right?


So how do you use Fences? Here are the quick easy steps.

  1. Download the program. You can download Fences 1.01 at FileHippo. Here is a link to download it.
  2. Install the program. Just follow the installation procedures described.
  3. Fences are right away created when program is installed. With fences around, you can drag icons and drop them on the appropriate fences.
  4. To personalize fences, just right click on a blank space on your desktop and click “Configure Fences.”
  5. You are done. Your desktop is now clean!


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