Ten Benefits of Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Men and women play them.  Wherever there are hoops or baskets, we can expect at least one person shooting balls. Whether the court is inside a huge gymnasium or out on the open field, many are fanatic about it. So what benefits do we derive from playing basketball? What good does this sport do to our body and personality? What are it advantages?

Burns calories. Basketball is a fast sport involving shooting, running, dribbling, passing, rebounding, defense, jumping, and much more. With this continuous series of movements, you burn calories and fats. Accordingly, an hour of basketball can burn 630-750 calories.

Builds up muscles and tones the body. Basketball can be a great and fun workout. Almost all the limbs in our body are used and moved during the game. Dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball can be likened to lifting dumbbells. The hours of running and jumping can significantly shape up the calf and thigh area.

Can be a great cardiovascular workout. Basketball really works the heart and lungs. In this sport, you are getting your blood pumping and your breathing is accelerated. Thus, it is an amazing workout for your body.

Builds endurance. Basketball is a very tough and demanding game that requires the players to be in great physical shape. Through playing this particular game, your level of endurance will increase and you will even grow stronger.

Increases flexibility, speed, and agility. All movements involve in basketball improve these three key skills.

Improves coordination. Basketball requires your feet, legs, arms and eyes to all work together to win the game.  Coordination is a skill that people often struggle with.  By playing basketball we are able to practice our coordination skills and learn to improve them.

Develops good team player attitude. Basketball is all about working together to achieve a common goal.  Everyone on the team has to learn to work together to get the win.  It is not always being the star player, but being able to work in perfect harmony and coordination with your teammates.  Learning to work with others is a life-long skill that you can use forever.

Develops concentration and self-discipline. Like every other sport, basketball has some rules to follow and disobedience to them results to certain penalties. This inculcates discipline to players, and in effect, they become more competitive yet fair and clean in their game and focused in succeeding.

Enhances confidence.  Basketball truly improves anyone’s confidence.  Whether you are making good shots or just being a part of a good team can increase your self-esteem and help gain more confidence.  A confident person has more faith in his or her skills and can face life with a better disposition.

Helps you make new friends. Basketball brings people together and creates bonds and friendships. It helps people meet new acquaintances and learn to socialize.  Social skills are something we carry in all areas of our life.


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