Critically Endangered Albatross

The International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN has listed several flora and fauna species which are classified as critically endangered. This status is given to animals facing extremely threat of extinction. Some of these species have not been cited for a long time.  For others, there are no valid documents for their continued existence or possible extinction. The most common threats for these animals are habitat destruction and human activity.
Among the animals identified by IUCN as under critically endangered status are four species of albatross. Here are the basic descriptions of these birds.

Amsterdam Albatross. This is a huge albatross endemic to the Amsterdam Island in the southern Indian Ocean. Unlike other albatrosses which are usually white, the Amsterdam Albatross has a brown plumage. Its weighs 4.8 – 6 kg (11-18 lb) and possesses a wingspan of 280 – 340 cm (110-130 in). The adult bird has chocolate brown upper parts, and is white on its face mask, throat, lower breast, and belly. It has a broad brown breast band along with brown undertail coverts. Its pink bill has a dark tip and dark cutting edges, and finally, its underwings are white except for the dark tip and the dark leading edge.

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