Ten Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Who does not know the classic boxing icons like Ali and Foreman? How about those current household names like Mayweather and Pacquiao? But boxing is not anymore just a sports played by hard-bodied men. It has now become a favorite fitness training exercise by many people of all age and sex.

So what are the advantages derived from boxing? What are its good effects to our body and even to our mind and emotions? Here are the ten benefits of boxing.

1. Perfect self-defense. Boxing teaches you to give right punches, and even kicks. What you learn from the sport can be used for defending yourself in times of danger and unpredictable situations.

2. Tones the body. Boxing is one of the best activities to reduce excessive body weight. It is a workout that does not need any equipment or machines. Accordingly, boxing burns as much as 500 calories in a single session. It quickly and effectively removes stubborn fat deposits from problem areas such as the thighs, stomach, and butt.  Hence, making boxing a regular habit can truly burn fats and shed those excess weights.

3. Gives strength to the arms and legs. Boxing is concerned mostly on the repetitive movements of the arms, and even to the legs. During sparring and jogging sessions, you move your arms to throw the required punches and your legs for proper pacing. These repeated movements eventually give power and strength to your arms and legs.

4. Beneficial for the bones and muscles. Boxing is a complete full body workout, training the upper body, lower body, and core strength. It strengthens your skeletal system, as well as develops your joints and sinews. It improves the flexibility and coordination of all muscles in your body. In effect, you can have better muscle control, balance and efficiency.

5. Beneficial for the heart. Boxing can be considered as a cardiovascular exercise because it is an intense physical activity. It helps you have proper breathing and maintain a balanced heart rate. It strengthens the heart, thus making it tougher and healthier.

6. Improves the skin. Boxing can be a great “medicine for the skin” from toxins and pollutants. While boxing, you sweat a lot, and at the same time, you cleanse your body from the inside.

7. Improves reflexes and builds stamina. In boxing, reflexes are also improved and skills are learnt. It increases your agility, speed, coordination, endurance, and strength. You will fell less tired in your everyday life and have that extra energy.

8. Beats stress and depression. Boxing helps to relieve physical and mental stress. It raises your endorphin levels and generally promotes a better sense of well-being. People who participate in boxing sessions are found to be happier and more cheerful.

9. Releases anger. Boxing helps you get rid of anger that continuously develops inside you. During sessions, you release this anger with each punch and kick you throw. Once the stress and anger are released, your body becomes light and your mind is at peace. Hence, boxing creates in you a relaxed frame of mind.

10. Improves self-discipline and self-confidence. Boxing is a sport that requires strict self-discipline to achieve your goals. In effect to the great physiological benefits, it boosts your self-confidence and brings vitality to your life.


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